The company's main products are silicon-based passive chips (Silicon Microlens, MLA, Silicon V-groove), Fused Silica Microlens, PD (single/Array), DFB, and microlens with wafer-level etched which is our core product.

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Suna Optoelectronics

Suna is industry recognized leader in  Micro lens

• Performance and Quality: shipment over 40 Million.

• The third global manufacturer of a full range of micro lens.

• In-time delivery guarantee: process all in house.

• Flexible: standard/customized products/small quantity supported.

• Low NRE fee: $700-$3000.

• Cost and Price: much lower than competitors.

• Short lead-time: standard product 1-7 days, customized product 4 weeks.

• Quick response: local service, 7×24 quick response to customer needs.

  • 100 patents Applied,

    67 authorized

  • Honors such as High-tech Enterprise

  • IAF Certification

  • ZSL Certification

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  • About Us

Suzhou Suna Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. Relying on the technological advantages of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, taking "optical communication and optical sensing "Chinese chip" as the vision, committed to creating producing domestic chips with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness, breaking the foreign monopoly, overcoming the "stuck neckneck-stuck" technology

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